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Dhanraj Sugar – A renowned Pharma Sugar manufacturer, supplier and exporter.

We are a prominent name in the market with well established manufacturing unit for manufacturing Pharmaceutical grade sugar. We are manufacturing the sugar by using cane beet or sugar itself. This sugar is the most pure form of sugar which contains sulfur and heavy toxic material like lead, arsenic, mercury etc. Our unit is developed with team of experienced technical persons who can recommend the technical proficiency of the pharmaceutical grade sugar. In the current market there are very few organized sector engaged in the production of pharmaceutical grade of sugar.

Our manufacturing unit is developed with world class expertise in the field of manufacturing Sucrose and the products are registered under Drug License, and even hold HALAL certifications. Dhanraj offers the largest range of Specialty Sugar like Double refined sugar, sugar cube, light brown sugar, candy sugar and many more. We mainly focus on the quality and customer satisfaction which is the main motto that leads us in the market with huge customer with the familiar name Dhanraj world over. We do re-processing and re-packing of wide range of sugar products that includes Refined Sugar, Crystal Sugar, Icing Sugar, Kathli Sugar, Pharma Sugar, Pulverized Sugar, Demerara Sugar, Sachet, Pharma grade sugar, Sugar Cube, Mishri and many more.

Dhanraj Sugar – Well Known Brand in the world of Sucrose Provider

Pharma Grade Sugar Manufacturer

We are one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of a pure range of Pharma Grade Sugar Syrup that is accessible in safe packaging to make sure its long shelf life. Our offered Pharma Sugar Syrup is hugely utilized in pharma industries for preparing different cough syrup, glucose and fructose based intravenous fluids. Even this sugar is highly utilized in pharmaceutical dry mixtures, pills, tablets, syrups and more. The developed teams of experts are engaged austerely to examine the sugar on diverse parameter and standard norms to keep its best freshness before dispatching at customers end. Our presented assortment of sugar is accessible in different qualities and packing to assemble the prerequisite of customers. In addition, customers can get the afforded products from us at very economical rates.

Physical Characteristics of Pharma Grade Sugar

  • Appearance: Free flowing, white crystalline powder free from extraneous matter.
  • Color: Sparkling white.
  • Odour: Odourless
  • Particle Size: Passing 16 meshes (B.S.S.)

Benefits of Pharma Grade Sugar

  • Sparkling White in color
  • Free from extraneous matter
  • Free from Bacterial contamination
  • Fine Grain size as per intl. standards
  • Low Ash content
  • Hygienically packed
  • EEC Grade II quality
  • Can be made as per customers requirement

Product Development

Dhanraj Sugar always endeavors to recover the quality and application of products. Our several customers contact us for different assistance in the development and adaptation of sugar products. We also make modified product such as blends of sugar with other sweeteners and food ingredients.

Areas of Application

  • Used as carrier and sweetener in medicine and tablet production
  • Used for sugar coating

Storage Recommendation of Pharma Grade Sugar

  • Store at a steady temperature, not below 10°C, and 40-65 % qualified moisture to evade caking
  • Do not store together with robustly smelling products
  • Do not load pallets of Pharma Instant Sugar

Pharma Grade Sugar Benefits in application

  • Fast dissolving bulk specialist in pharmaceutical dry mixtures, pills and tablets
  • Improves the flavor by giving an unadulterated, sweet taste
  • The sweetness which is the trademark highlight of sucrose covers up undesired kind of the dynamic substance
  • Pharma Instant Sugar is free streaming and straightforwardly compressible
  • Pharma Instant Sugar ties different fixings and is quick-dissolving in both hot and cold fluids

Packing of Dhanraj Pharma Grade Sugar

Dhanraj Pharma Grade Sugar is made accessible in standards quantity as 50Kgs. We are doing the packing of the packets under ultra hygienic conditions through fully automatic machines in Poly ethylene liner which is sealed and packed in High Density Polyethylene bags and stitched with P.P. thread. All the products are escorted with analytical test report and a label attached with each bag showing details of mfg. Date, Expiry Date and Batch number.

Sugar Cane Refining for Sugar Process

  • Harvest the Sugar Cane
  • Crush, Soak and squeeze the cane to extract the juice and separate it from the plant material
  • Boil the sugar cane juices until the syrup thickness and crystallize
  • Squeeze the crystals in the centrifuge to remove liquid and produce raw sugar
  • Transport the raw sugar to a refinery to remove impurities
  • Melt the raw sugar and filter the remaining impurities and extra color to produce sugar syrup
  • Crystallize the sugar from the sugar syrup
  • Dry the sugar crystals
  • Package the sugar for distribution

Pharma Sugar Specification

Available Grades Tailor-made grade as per customer's requirement
Manufacturing Process Phosphotation process with 5 + 3 stages twin filtration system
Manufacturing Standards Manufactured ISO  22000:2018 & HALAL certification
Packaging 50 kg HDPE bags with Polythene liner inside it & Sachet
Available in Dhanraj Sugar
Additional Information We have drug license to manufacture Pharmaceutical grade sugar
Pharma Industry For making Syrups, Dry Syrups, Tablet Coating, Gripe Water, Suspensions
Food Industry Health Drinks and Health Food, Powder Drinks, Bakery & Confectionery Products etc.
Service Industry Hotels, Hospitals, Travel & Tourism etc.

Sugar Chemicals

Sugar industry is one of the major economic pillars in the industrial market. Dhanraj Sugar has always been a strategic partner to this sector and closely working together with sugar estates. We are one of the leading suppliers of sugar processing chemical of ample adaptability. Our recognized products contain juice clarifiers, anti-scalants, biocides, flocculants, defoamer and decolorizing agents with others. With years of experience and knowhow in the sugar industry facilitate us to provide the best quality products at competitive prices.

Physical Characteristics of Pharma Grade Sugar

Our Sugar diverse product includes:

Phosphoric Acid : It is widely utilized in metal finishing, chemical manufacturer and equipment maintenance. These phosphoric acids are majorly utilized in different application such as ceramics and glass, plastics and drinking water treatment and also in sugar processing.

Caustic Soda : It is widely used in pulp, paper, soap and detergent industries. Caustic Soda is hugely used as a cleaning chemical in sugar mill.

Hydrated Lime : It is essential to the production of sugar from both sugar cane and sugar beets. It is also used to purify sugar derived from other sources, such as maple or sorghum.

Anti Scalant : It is a multi-component liquid chemical specially formulated to inhibit scale formation in sugar cane juice evaporators and vacuum pans.

Biocide : It is added in the extraction area at the sugar processing to avoid losses in sucrose caused by microorganisms.

Decolorizing agent : Highly engineered, liquid flocculant that is effective in the removal of visual colour and turbidity in sugar refinery processes, hence improving the quality of sugar. This decolorant can be used effectively in carbonatation and phosphatation processes with colour reductions of approximately 30 and 60% respectively.

Sulphur : Sulfur is often used in sugar cane processing. Sulfur dioxide can be used for a variety of reasons during the processing of sugar cane or the production of molasses. Most commonly, sulfur dioxide is used to lighten the color of the molasses or to help extend its shelf life. It may also be used to help with the processing of sugar cane when the cane has been harvested at an early stage.

Caster Sugar :

Caster Sugar is a finely grinded sugar which is ideal for baking as it dissolves easily and blends in more air than other sugars. Caster Sugar is mainly utilized as icing purpose on various desserts like cake, donuts, drinks and many other beverages. It is also known as the secret ingredient of various cocktails or soft drinks. Having years of experience, our team is engaged in offering different types of sugar and its hugely demanded in the market is rapidly increasing because of its easily dissolving property.

Crystal Sugar :

We are considered as one of the most prominent Crystal Sugar manufacturers from Surendranagar, India. We are developed with different national as well as international clients are placing huge and repeated orders for crystal sugar as there is no alternative accessible in the market in terms of crystal clear appearance and sweetness.

Demerara Sugar :

We are one of the successful manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Demerara Sugar, which is accessible in pale to golden yellow colour. Demerara Sugar is known as Brown Sugar or it is a type of unrefined sugar with a larger grain. With its golden colour and subtle molasses flavor it is an exotic sugar with a golden colour and an aromatic flavor. This sugar added gives flavor and makes the befitting complement to coffee, and imparts a delicious crunch and flavor to fruit crumbles, biscuits, cereals, fruits and porridge.

Pulverised Sugar :

We are offering a huge assortment of diverse types of sugar in national and international markets as well. We are well-known brand in the market for offering the best range of Pulverized Sugar which gives mouth watering taste and hugely utilized to add sweetness to yogurt, sauces, cold drinks, whipped creams, jams and many other products. This is highly in demand because of its rich nutritional value and 100% organic nature.

Kathli Sugar :

We are viewed as the main supplier of Kathli Sugar which is an elite thought presented by especially for sweet maker. These Kathli sugar adds the regal touch to desserts. Improved sweetness shimmering whiteness and expanded timeframe of realistic usability are the few advantages of the kathli sugar. Its virtue leaves no foul buildup or soil behind and adds additional glimmer to desserts making them powerful for wellbeing.

Double Refined Sulphurless Sugar :

Attributable to our rich modern experience and information, we are broadly associated with offering a Double Refined Sulphurless Sugar. This sugar parcel is broadly requested among our profitable customers attributable to its non acidic and enticing flavor. This sugar is shimmering white, unadulterated, produced with no dangerous synthetic substances like sulfur dioxide. The provided Double Refined Sulphurless Sugar has solidified is liquefied once more and every one of the polluting influences are expelled without the utilization of Sulfur. It has no polluting influences, so its precious stones have characteristic translucent white shading and don't require dying.

Note :-

Isn't incredible!!! That sugar includes enhance as well as improve the wellbeing. It will give more advantages on the off chance that it is created from the unadulterated raw material and refining under the strict direction. For this, the customer should need to get it from the rumored sugar manufacturer who will never bargain with the quality. Also, on the off chance that you are searching for surely understood sugar Manufacturers around you, at that point Dhanraj Sugar is the correct decision for you.


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